Monday, 26 November 2012

Charity and Kids

Tis the season for giving and every parent can to attest to the importance of instilling this in our children. 

Check out some ideas I found on different ways to teach charity to our kids.
       1. Donate Clothes – so easy, we all do it!  We just let the kids know why it’s done.
       2. Help Neighbours – our kids love this.  During tax season, I have a few clients that are in nursing homes and are older than 80.  I offer to pick up and drop off their taxes free of charge and I almost always find the time when I have some kids.  They love the trip and the seniors love the kids and the extra service.

      3. Give Blood – It’s been awhile since we have done this, better put that on my “to do” list.  We try to bring a couple kids along for this trip, but it’s tough with impatient nurses and excited kids!  Maybe they need some volunteers to entertain the kids for a bit, wonder if that would increase their donations.
      4.       Make Birthday’s Charitable – Lauren had a little buddy that did this.  She asked for donations to the food bank instead of gifts!
       5.       Donate to the pets – Humane Society is always looking for donations and it gives the kids some time to mingle with the inhabitants for a bit
      6.       Food Bank – Of course, we do this so often with the school but it’s important.  Interesting fact, the Food Bank takes opened bags of pet food, found this out just after I found out that Mila has food allergies :D
      7.       Change for Difference – This is fun, create a little change jar to collect spare change.  Use that change to buy something for someone else!
      8.       Community pitch in – This is just as easy as picking up garbage at the park with the kids – with a goal in mind.   
       9.       Pick your favorite charity and get the kids involved in making a change – We pick the MS Society because my brother was diagnosed a ways back.  A personal connection makes it so sentimental and worth-while.  We have done a walk in Barrie every year for 4 years now.  The kids love it.

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