Thursday, 29 November 2012

November is for Santa Claus Parades!

My mom is a dog groomer - she has owned and operated her business since I was born - let's just say it's been over 30 years.  She has been participating in the parade since I went to college or just before, at least 12 years.  My kids have been in it every year since I was pregnant with them - except this year :(  Which my mom reminded me of just a few times...."I miss my grandies"
What she does that makes is extra special, is how she decorates her dog, Toqui, to work with the theme.  Some people have complained that it's cruel - but honestly, it's gotta be less cruel then piercing an infants ears!  She feels no pain from getting her hair died, she doesn't mind the process of grooming, and she absolutely loves the attention. 

Kids in Barrie (2012) waiting for the parade
Pierre got to drive this year, so excited (2012)

Toqui is the Grinch and Jenna is Cindy Lou-Who
I am the over-dressed photo-bomber
Now this is cruel...says Sneakers.
Mila and Sneakers as "Whos" 2012
The Grinch and The Whos - Sneakers always looks beaten

Xmas Santa Toqui 2011
Candy Cane Toqui


  1. I love Christmas, I have already started buying Christmas presents.


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