Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why William needs to get hives with his cold.


< So this is William.  They broke the mold when William was born.  He's one of a kind and a pile of laughs.
William can't follow the norm. 
Last night, after another typical "mommy" day, William wakes up at 11:30pm in tears. 
"I'm itchy all over mommy"
I'm excited, finally, chicken pox!
William is covered in hives.   They look like mosquito bites.  I check the cats for fleas even though they had their recent Bayer Advantage soaking - not that, too easy for William. 
The only other thing William is experiencing is a cold.  Apparenlty this is a common phenominom with kids now-a-days and not the first time for William. 
According to this website - - viral infections cause more than 80 percent of all cases of acute hives in children. 
William was dosed with Children's Benadryl® and coated in a healthy layer of Calamine lotion.  His hives from last night were gone by morning and he had 3-4 new ones to paint.
He'll live again....Ah my William, mommy loves you and all your quirks.

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