Thursday, 20 September 2012

Should you sign your kid up for a sport they don't like?

Interesting article that I'm sure encourages a range of media controversery.

It's a strong opinion and I'm sure that it's blown somewhat out of the water. 

Our kids are in sports and activities every season, they can choose up to two a season.  We choose swimming for them once or twice a year, but it's never been a fight.  The activities they pick, they need to complete until the end whether or not they like it.  They learn that choice breeds consequence, good or bad but that everything started must be finished.  We help them to enjoy the activities by reminding them what they found interesting or what benefits it's given them to date.

We do make them pick something, we help them to decide based on what interests them, and we remember that they aren't us - they don't have to like what we liked.

Go Team!

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