Wednesday, 12 September 2012

So this is blogging?

Here goes nothing!

So I'm slightly off my's why;
1. Mom of one active seven-year old boy
2. Mom of one manipulative five-year old girl
3. Step-mom to one 10-year old boy
4. Step-mom to one eight-year old boy
5. Full-time accounting business owner and operator
6. Full-time University student with 8 months left to graduate

This is a course project - start a blog.
No problem - what's a blog?
I Google, what's a blog, how to start a blog, where to put a blog, and why do I need a blog?

Well, I got this far!

Name a blog!  Sure - no problem, it's only been 45 minutes of get the kids to school, three hours of class, three hours of groceries and work, pick kids up from school, homework assignment on Consumer Behaviour due in one hour, supper consisting of the husband-requested beef stew and tea biscuits, get youngest kid to dance, three more hours of school.  So the blog name, first thing that came to my mind at 10:20pm tonight.

My love is my family, my passion is my work.  It's been seven years since I left the work place to start my family.  Four and a half years since I became a single mom and start my business to support myself, my two year old and my nine month old.  Over three years since I met the love of my life and his beautiful children he has shared custody of.

What I want to use my "Blog Spot" for - my kids, my life, my family.  My assignment is to pick a blog topic that I'm passionate about and there is only my kids next to my work - which is certainly not as entertaining as kids!

Where my title came from you ask?  Funny story!
Our family trip this year included a 12-day long RV trip from Ontario to Nova Scotia and back.  I brought activities, new ones, I brought school books, also new, puzzles, games, etc; but as on any trip, we lose interest.  My 5-year old is very independent and can entertain herself with an elastic band for hours.  She was pleased to announce to her class on the first day of school that she could lick her own armpit - self-taught after too many hours on the road.

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