Thursday, 4 October 2012

Meet Mila!

 This is Mila.  She's a Jack-Chi, aka Jack Russell Chihuahua.  She is 5.5 months of pure energy, heart, and intellegence.  She was my fiance's neice's pup until today.
So she joins 4 kids, 1- 9-year old weiner dog, 2 cats, 2 bettas, and 4 hermit crabs.  She will fit right in....I hope!
 I knew Mila needed a home a week before.  This weekend Charlotte, our youngest at a fun 5 years decided we needed a Chihuahua, which was coincidental but I'm the queen of surprises.  Surprise Charly!  She's happy!  Mila is a bit scared.
William is like his mama, he wants to love and save anything with a heartbeat.  His goal is to train it to be like Sneakers, ha ha.

Mila on her 2.5 hour ride home.  She's already claimed me - but that's typical for pets I figure.  They love their feeder the best!

Will be an interesting couple of months for Mila, she will be fixed ASAP!  Shots, training, etc.  She's a cutie though!

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